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Do you know the support beams that hold up the pool? Well, when in the pool, stick you hand up to the pool rim where the support beam is. You will find a hole. After reading these posts, I am going to pour white vinegar down those support beams and after that I am going to add a cup of salt. Hopefully, this will throw the frogs into a comma. Then I intend to take pieces of cloth and plug those holes right up. I am going to buy blace rubber snakes and put them on the rim of my pool and under the footstep of the ladder.

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I think this should do it. For all of you with above ground pools, I just wanted you to know where those little buggers hide out — in the support beams. Best of luck to you. I will let you know how all turns out. We live next to a field that has a low, boggy area that stays wet when we have much rain…and in Louisiana we have plenty, usually!! I cannot keep clean windows because at night they are are all over leaving their droppings and urine. Of course, then I have to clean up the messings. I will defintely fill up a garden sprayer with bleach and give that a try.

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Maybe I should spray them with some of our Louisiana Tabasco! Is that the same thing as Louisiana Hot Sauce? Their plant and Avery Island is one of our tourist attractions…very interesting. Thanks for your well wishes on the frogs! Thanks for those links. We have a pool that has turned into a party place for frogs, especially at night. I have never had a problem with frogs until we moved into our new house.

We have tried to be nice, we have ignored them, fished them out of the pool and gently placed them on the other side of the fence and kept our backyard in the dark. But not anymore more, that croaking noise is driving me crazy!!! We have thrown them, flung them over the fence, bleached them, added a crazy amount of chlorine to the pool, killed the food supply, poured salt on them and they are still there.

I think I am going to try snake repellant and lime juice. But I am not sure how the snake repellant would work with our dogs???? If this fails, we are going to drain the pool cover it and pray for the best. Wow Nahdia! My Biologist friend Kenji tells me their skin is VERY permeable so just about any thing caustic, acidic, spicy or irritating will do the trick. Pick your poison. I too have a pool and hot tub Tampa, Fl. I would rather kill them but I need to do something!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter liiving in Florida has asked me for help with her Frog problems. Research lead me here.

Catch them, put them in a covered bucket in your spare garage refridgerator for a couple of days. They hibernate. Then put them in the freezer.

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They go to Frog heaven without even knowing it. Seems like a lot of work. Feeds the Egrets and Gators. Put then in a bucket. Spray automotive starter fluid ether into the bucket to put them to sleep. Then you can dispose of them as you like. Either move them, freeze them, or whatever. I told my daughter about the bleach thing… mopping her patio with bleach to see if that keeps them off. That is what is wrong with our society today. Adults teaching children to kill a living creature just because it is a nuisance to them! God put these creatures on this earth for a reason. And to the idiot that says it is just a frog, does not mean it does not suffer and cannot feel PAIN!

It is sad to realize what we as a society are becoming!

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People who think killing animals or creatures is ok, are the same People who could or do end of taking a human life without a thought. Unfortunately Their children learn from them. If you live with them.. My question is.. If you were to co-exist live around them.. How would you do it? You might be right though.. How do you make the difference between what the Frog owns.. Is anyone suggesting needlessly killing frogs for fun or sport? Is anyone suggesting killing these frogs out of complete spite, or to just kill them for the sake of killing them?

Poison Dart Frogs | Tortoise Forum

This morning I walk into the shower, turn on the shower, and a damn frog jumps on me. And a lot of other people do. I think my choice clear in that situation. Is that our fault too? Frogs I cannot. We all are. Beneficial to mother earth? Of course they are.

Cute and cuddly? No, most unlikely for all of North America.

Amphibians - Educational Video for Kids

Of course not. On top of that… is the frog an animal in risk of going extinct? The its whatever man. Humans Vs Frogs. I too have a frog problem plus 8 cats and 3 dogs. I found out from my vet today that some garden frogs secrete a poison from glands on their heads and if this gets into the mouth of another animal, it has the ability to kill that animal.

He attended to a pet whose heart had stopped beating — the poison had affected the heart straight away. Usually this poison from the frog makes the animal foam at the mouth but not this little guy.

Frog Diets – Nutritious Foods for Popularly-Kept Frogs and Toads – Part 1

It is still touch and go as to whether his was revived in time to have not suffered brain damage. If anyone has a safe way of getting rid of frogs in houses, please let us know. I am not scared of them — just want silence at night and to protect my animals! I pondered a moment. The snake is killing the frog. So I went and filled up my garden sprayer with bleach and killed them all. Every last one of them. I left them floating in my pool and the next morning there was a big Florida crane munching the dead frogs down one by one. Ahhhh the circle of life.

I need more bleach. Greenville SC is full of frogs.